Thank you for 2,000 Facebook follows

We’re really thrilled to have passed the 2,000-follower mark on Facebook in the last couple of days. Please help us keep spreading the word!

We’re really thrilled to have passed the 2,000-follower mark on Facebook in the last couple of days. Thank you to everyone for their continued support!

Our focus is telling positive stories about Chester-le-Street and its businesses, and every person who sees something they like on our page is one more person likely to visit and spend a little more in the town.

Here are six easy ways to help us keep spreading the word and supporting local businesses!

1. Give us a 👍

We love it when you like, comment or share – it shows us we’re not just talking to ourselves, and helps spread the good news to a wider network.

2. Connect with businesses

We’ll often share updates from local businesses, or mention them in our posts – click through and give them a follow too, to stay up to date with all their news.

3. Follow us everywhere!

You can find us on Twitter and Instagram as well – we’d love it if you connected with @ShopChesterleSt there too.

4. Remember to tag

Are you posting something positive yourself about a favourite Chester-le-Street shop, cafe, bar, restaurant or other business?

Feel free to tag our page so we don’t miss it, and use our hashtag #CLSIsOpen.

5. Get on Roam

Download the Roam app – you’ll have seen it advertised on the lamppost banners across the town – and follow your favourite local businesses.

More and more of them will be sharing updates there soon!

6. Shop local

We love clicks and likes – but ultimately, it’s money in tills that keeps our favourite businesses going.

If you visit a business after seeing them online or on the app, be sure to tell them so – it helps us prove that all that online activity is worth the effort!

Let us help your business

Meanwhile, if you’re a local business, there is lots of marketing and mentoring support available for free from our project – the only cost is the £10 annual fee to be a member of Chester-le-Street Business Association.

Check out our FAQs for all the details of how we can help.

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